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AnessaAnessa vor 12 Monaten
Beautiful, I'm just keeping the picture of the bottle to look at sometimes! Dear @Irini: It is interesting that you mentioned Russian - it's Aritayaki, said to be the oldest and most famous (also most expensive) porcelain brand from Japan, and the motifs are a mix of traditionally Japanese/originals by Arita, with symbolical meanings, only good ones chosen for this, of course :-)
Mustang69Mustang69 vor 15 Monaten
That is a real gemstone!
IriniIrini vor 15 Monaten
Fantastic bottle in russian style.....**
Smellie13Smellie13 vor 15 Monaten
Was für ein wunderschöner Flakon!!!!
TomDuftTomDuft vor 15 Monaten
Das ist aber eine schöne Flasche. :)
TIA1971TIA1971 vor 15 Monaten
WOW! Really GREAT !!!

Baloma Parfumfotos