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Habe ich


Mimara Mimara vor 9 Monaten
What a stunning collection! : o
Heavenly85 Heavenly85 vor 10 Monaten
Sorry for answering so late, seems that if you click the English/Deutsch I can`t see all the comments here. Thank you for your kind comments!! :) I am always in the hunt of new perfume discoveries so I hope that my collection will always increase. :D
Gandix Gandix vor 10 Monaten
Wow, what a great collection. And like Aolani, I am nosy to see, what will be here in one year ;) my collection increased immensely within one year. And we can look forward to some more of your nice pics :)
Aolani Aolani vor 10 Monaten
What an amazing collection! You are new here at parfumo, so I wonder how many perfumes you'll have on your first birthday here...
Uta1958 Uta1958 vor 10 Monaten
Sehr schöne Sammlung, sehr abwechslungsreich!