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MisterPetiteMisterPetite vor 9 Jahren
Hello! I buy this year all small prices scents from "Avon" and have then

more scent as you! (hahahaha!)

Best wishes for the new year from the Mister!
TraxTrax vor 9 Jahren
Thank you, Icekat! I was a true rose sceptic before you talked some sense into me he he ;)

Wishing you a wonderful autumn time! Stay warm! Best of wishes from Bells :) :) :)
TraxTrax vor 9 Jahren
Time flies, it's been so long! Just wanted to stop by and say Hi :) I think of you everytime I wear Tea Rose, so grateful you showed me that!

Big hugs from Bella :) :) :)
TraxTrax vor 10 Jahren
Hi Icecat, just wanted to stop by and say Hi : )It's been a while since I've been here I think. I hope you are doing great and feel inspired into this new year :) All the best from Bella!
Franfan20Franfan20 vor 10 Jahren
By the way Kat, I'd appreaciate a review to Hothouse Flower - should be a gardenia soliflore...
CrypticCryptic vor 10 Jahren
I recognized your name from Fragrantica, and just wanted to say that I've always enjoyed your reviews. :)
CallisteCalliste vor 10 Jahren
You already has the new line by Keiko Mecheri. They are amazing as I could get to know last weekend. In Europe we have to wait until next month. Which of them do you like most?
Bonjour :) wow I just realised how much I need to post more often hahaha You ladies are on a roll! haha. Bisous RR:)..Long live the Vikings;)
Franfan20Franfan20 vor 11 Jahren
Hi Icekat. I missed welcoming you when you registered. Hope you like it here still.

I saw you got Queen Of Hearts as a fragrance. Would appreciate a review sometime soon. Have on-going fun :)
TraxTrax vor 11 Jahren
Good you're not freezing over there! I hope that goes for RRCOOLMAMAS part of the country as well, I must ask her :) How unusual to have such a mild winter! Luckily we have very little snow here. Last year was more of a nightmare that way. It's been long since it last snowed, but the snow will not melt. So we don't have that snow gently falling Harry Potter feel that I like, it's just cold! :) Can't wait for spring and for my Bell'Antonio to arrive.. I hope you have lots to look forward to as well, or better yet that you're just perfect and calm right now in the moment :)
TraxTrax vor 11 Jahren
Hi Icekat! Best of wishes for a great day :) Hope you're staying warm up there in cold Canada :) Big hugs from me :) See you around! :)
TraxTrax vor 11 Jahren
Hi I am just stopping by today, wanted to wish you a great day! Big hugs from Bells. We finally got snow here! :)
How are you catching up here? I feel like a kid in a candy store hahaha. Bisous.
bloodflowerbloodflower vor 11 Jahren
awlays happy to see a familiar face around
INDIAINDIA vor 11 Jahren
Vie Spass Hier wúnsch ich dir!!!!!
NjdebNjdeb vor 11 Jahren
Nice to see you too! Love it here so far.
Moni43Moni43 vor 11 Jahren
Hi Icekat, hello and welcome on board. have a nice time.

TraxTrax vor 11 Jahren
Hi Icekat, there you are! Big hugs :)
TriplexTriplex vor 11 Jahren
icekaaat:D hi. and welcome
My eyes are all over this site. It's Awesome:D
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