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SalahharakeSalahharake vor 5 Monaten
Thank you for sharing your wonderful statements, Jazzy76!
SalahharakeSalahharake vor 1 Jahr
Great statements! Keep them coming:)
Carlitos01Carlitos01 vor 2 Jahren
Mia cara Jazzy,
Il 2021 è stato un anno di incontri e giochi con i profumi solo a casa.
Che nel 2022 possiamo annusare i profumi ovunque vogliamo.
Buon Natale sia in Italia che nel resto del mondo!
Irini29Irini29 vor 2 Jahren
Hello Jazzy,
thanks for your nice comment, I've been very happy about it! :)
It's really sad, that the vintage version doesn't exist anymore...
All the best, many greetings from Germany
Mozart1756Mozart1756 vor 3 Jahren
I saw your statement in la petite robe noire Hippie chic. And Im the first reviewer in there. Good job girl, go :)
SeeroseSeerose vor 4 Jahren
Dear Jazzy, Thanks for your answere. And you do not have to apologize for your your English, not at all. It‘ s fine to get messages from Parfumo.net. And I‘ not inclined to judge that. I just woudn‘ t remark mistakes. Regards with love, Seerose
SeeroseSeerose vor 4 Jahren
Yes, you are right concerning "silly scent". There are many low-budget perfumes which are superb with excellent quality, seriously. I am owning e. g. Tocade. And there are niche-perfumes which I consider to be als well silly scents, more only smells than perfums. And which I consider to be made to make the consumers as fools which are stupid enough to buy them because they are exclusif and expensiv.
That's also a reason why I test perfumes, to find the pearls also in between the cheap scents. Old ones, new ones.
Greeting with love, Seerose
SeeroseSeerose vor 4 Jahren
Thank you for your answere and hint under „Te Verde“ by Tesori di Oriente. Matcha? I appreciate matcha Tea. ocasionally I will try that perfume. Greetings with love, Seerose
DonVanVlietDonVanVliet vor 4 Jahren
Hi Jazzy, welcome! Great reviews, keep it up!
SüchtigSüchtig vor 4 Jahren
Ein herzliches willkommen bei den
Duft ver-rückten. Schönes schnüffeln wünsch ich
MiaTrostMiaTrost vor 5 Jahren
Ciao Jazzy and welcome to Parfumo! Have a lovely time.