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Based on a half-green, half-animalic anti-flower.
« Anti » because it echoes the flowers without referring to any one in particular.
2 Antworten


RotkehlchenRotkehlchen vor 14 Monaten
Thank you so much for swapping - your parcel arrived a minute ago and I am very happy about having Kamasurabhi again! Thanks as well for the interesting extra! Best wishes from Germany to France!
VintageGoldVintageGold vor 15 Monaten
Thanks for the nice and smooth transaction and thanks for the sample of your creation ;-) It's really nice :)
VintageVintage vor 24 Monaten
Thank's a lot for the deal!
"Carnation" is so fine! :))
Thank You for the goodie, too!
MsDutcheeMsDutchee vor 2 Jahren
Thank you sooo much for the beautiful Lipstick Rose and yes she is even more beautiful than the current version. Soussane has not yet made it to my skin, but from sniffing from the bottle , I allready know, she deserves a special moment to be tried and might be even more special than the Lipstick Rose. Thank you again for this beautiful deal and I can only hope, that you will be nearly as excited about your end of the deal ( in this context it is making me nnervous though ) Love and greetings from Switzerland. Belle pentecôte
LenvolLenvol vor 2 Jahren
Thank you for your reliability. It was a pleasure for me :)

Greetings from Germany
Diyenli61Diyenli61 vor 2 Jahren
Thanks a lot. Pleasure to do business with you. Thanks for the extra samples!
MichelangelaMichelangela vor 2 Jahren
What a kind and great deal - enjoyed it so much! Thank you for everything!
TantelotteTantelotte vor 3 Jahren
Thank you very much for this great deal! And for all the goodies!
Merry Christmas! xxx
Duftboy1966Duftboy1966 vor 3 Jahren
Dear R.,

I say Thank you very much for this nice and fast Deal with you.
I‘m so happy, that i made it. :-)
And Thank you very much for the samples. Great!
You are a great Parfumo!
Thank‘s a lot and have a nice Christmas-Time.
Best Regards to France
AzuraAzura vor 3 Jahren
Dear Zago,
your parcel arrived and I am happy with my new Iris :) Thank you for everything, including the nice goodies. I hope your package will arrive soon,too.