DemonHeadDemonHeads Pinnwand

CatwomanCatwoman vor 5 Jahren
Deeply impressed, that's true passion
HasiHasi vor 5 Jahren
Deine Fotos sind atemberaubend!
Shanice118Shanice118 vor 6 Jahren
Hi,this evening I had been looking at some of your fantastic pics!!! And I did not know,that there were so many and I could not stop and I looked at them all. FANTASTIC!!!!! BRILLIANT!!!! And I was wondering,if you are relative to the Guerlain family or just keep an eye on the Guerlain shop in Paris. But you are so very far in Australia!!! So,all I want to say is:THANK YOU for giving us the pleasure to see and to look at the photographes you make.
SabriNoirSabriNoir vor 6 Jahren
Amazing Photos - landet here from Guerlain's Cherry Blossom.
I really enjoyed your exquisite perfume list.
HannahHannah vor 6 Jahren
Wundervolle Fotos mit großartigen Arrangements und Farbspielen. Dankeschön!
HasiHasi vor 6 Jahren
Von mir eine tiefe Verbeugung für die tolle Fotoarbeit!
SusaSusa vor 6 Jahren
Kompliment für die hervorragenden Fotos!!!
PontNeufPontNeuf vor 6 Jahren
Hello Demonhead
Just one short question....Do you happen to know if "Santal Royal" can be purchased from the big Guerlain store in Paris ? I am so excited about this fragrance and read it´s a Harrod´s exclusive.....Great photos, by the way. Greet´s
GlosoliGlosoli vor 7 Jahren
Dear Demonhead,
as i'm too lazy to write an command on each single one of your pictures: they are all too beautiful... big compliment!
Best Regards Glosoli
PreciousPrecious vor 7 Jahren
Dear DemonHead,
Your pictures and perfume bottles are extraordinary. Thank you. Very well done.
Kind regards,
DemonHeadDemonHead vor 7 Jahren
Thank you for your welcome and kind comments, everyone! :)
GraziaGrazia vor 7 Jahren
beautiful pics!
Best regards
KarliKarli vor 7 Jahren
You make very nice Pictures. Thank you for that. Regards, C.
DebesvoisDebesvois vor 7 Jahren
Tolle Sammlung und schön fotografierte Bilder. Willkommen und viel Spaß hier.
ChnokfirChnokfir vor 7 Jahren
Schöne Düfte - in deiner Sammlung und auf deinen Fotos. Sei Willkommen, schön, dass du hier bist.