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Marc32RMarc32R vor 10 Tagen
Dear Lexa,
Thank you so much for the Amber Aoud and the generous samples!!
Hope to hear from you again.

Warm wishes from Germany
JuWeJuWe vor 29 Tagen
Thank you very much for the fragrance, the nice conversation and the samples :)

Kindest regards

OlkaolkaOlkaolka vor 35 Tagen
My dream fragrance arrived today!!!! Thank you Lexa, you made me very happy :))))
Peter1Peter1 vor 40 Tagen
Hello Lexa,thank you for the perfume it has just arrived,many thanks!!
ClaudineClaudine vor 55 Tagen
Dear Lexa!
What a wonderful package with one of my favourite fragrances arrives me today! :-))) Many thanks for this great deal, the lovely extras and the nice and warm contact!
Lots of hugs and thousand kisses,
ZodZod vor 56 Tagen
Thank you very much for the perfume!
It was a pleasure to deal with you!
NoxaNoxa vor 73 Tagen
Dearest Lexa!
Thank you so so much for my beautiful perfume and for the surprise bonus decant of Naxos: straight from my wishlist! And all the lovely extras! You're such wonderfully thoughtful person, I can't thank you enough. :)
MineaMinea vor 76 Tagen
Dear Lexa,
It was great pleasure to deal with you. I was very pleased to have kontakt with such a warm person here.
Warm hugs
LexaLexa vor 91 Tagen
Dearest Lars! You are simply a gentleman! Lots of warm hugs and the best regards!
Always a huge pleasure!
AquamonzaAquamonza vor 91 Tagen
Lexa, my dear - your decant has arrived in excellent shape... No wonder if you know who it's from ;)
Thank you again for the nice contact and transaction - see you :)