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UngenauUngenau vor 46 Stunden
Hi my Dear, thank you so much for another wonderful deal with you!
I love the fragrance so much!! It’s always a great pleasure with you:))) Thank you also for all the very fine samples ...can’t imagine a better start in another cold week :)
Hope we deal again soon, lots of hugs, Elke
YvSaintYvSaint vor 4 Tagen
Hello Alexandra,

the package was delivered today. It's all fine, thank you very much!
I hope we will make other deals very soon!

Best Regards
Duftboy1966Duftboy1966 vor 19 Tagen
Dear Alexandra,

Thank you so much for this Top-Deal with you. I received the fragrance today and I'm very happy!
You are a Top-Parfuma and i hope, we make a deal in near future again.

I wish you all the best in 2019! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Until next time...

Many lovely Regards
Vanda19Vanda19 vor 33 Tagen
Hello dear Lexa,

today I received the package from you, and everything was fine.
The two scents are wonderful and I'm very happy with them.

Thanks a lot for this friendly and uncomplicared deal. It was great and made fun!
Have a fine and relaxed weekend.

Kind Regards from Vanda
FlaconFlacon vor 35 Tagen
Dear A., Your package has arrived at my place. Thank you again for the perfect completion and the wonderful conversation with you. I wish you and your family a fulfilled and peaceful Christmas. best regards, xxx and hugs, Tom
ShouturShoutur vor 48 Tagen
Hi Alexandra,

Thank you for everything. I'm very happy with my new fragrance.
Looking forward to make other deals with you in the future.

Best regards
FlaconFlacon vor 55 Tagen
I am always very happy because the contact with you is very friendly and your service beautiful. I wish you all the best and greet you warmly, Tom
Weine12Weine12 vor 71 Tagen
Dear Lexa, your fragrance mail has arrived well!
Best regards, J.
Kajsa5Kajsa5 vor 99 Tagen
Dearest Lexa,

once again many thanks for the wonderful scent package that reached me today! It's always such a pleasure to have a reliable dealing partner and at the same time such a lovely person to talk to.
Thanks, and anytime again =)
Warmest wishes,
SallytopiaSallytopia vor 124 Tagen
Dear Lexa, thank you again for the great deal and the lovely contact! :-)