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Kajsa5Kajsa5 vor 14 Tagen
Dearest Lexa,

once again many thanks for the wonderful scent package that reached me today! It's always such a pleasure to have a reliable dealing partner and at the same time such a lovely person to talk to.
Thanks, and anytime again =)
Warmest wishes,
SallytopiaSallytopia vor 40 Tagen
Dear Lexa, thank you again for the great deal and the lovely contact! :-)
JazzbobJazzbob vor 68 Tagen
Many thanks for the flacon and the generous Roja sample! Quite an opulent fragrance!
All the best
BootiesBooties vor 72 Tagen
Dear Lexa,

thank you so much for a very nice conversation and this wonderful fragrance and your additional gift for me. It was a pleasure for me to meet you :-)

Best, D.
Kajsa5Kajsa5 vor 93 Tagen
My dear Lexa,

thank you so much for the parcel I received today! You are such a wonderful and generous person and it was a real pleasure and joy to deal and also talk with you. Anytime again!
Thanks for a really great experience here and a big hug for you =)

FreshdennisFreshdennis vor 98 Tagen
Thank you for the deal and the nice communications. I received the product well and fast and without any problems. :)))
VintageGoldVintageGold vor 110 Tagen
My dear Lexa,
thank you very much for reserving the fantastic 51 pH for my sharing. Thank you for shipping so quickly after the payment :-)
Michl379Michl379 vor 124 Tagen
Hello dear Lexa,
the fragrance arrived today in best condition. Thanks for the fast delivery. Maybe one time we meet here again, have a good time here at parfumo. I would be happy if you write me a letter too at my wall.
Best regards from Germany
AzuraAzura vor 142 Tagen
Thank you so much for this wonderful swap! I'm very happy with my supplies of one of my favourite scents.
Kind regards :))
008Pauline008Pauline vor 8 Monaten
Thank you for this nice, great, fast and reliable deal.
I am very happy and enjoy it
I hope our ways intersect again!
Thank you, a great hug...and see you soon :)
Best regards
Sabine 〜(*^_^*)