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DonVanVlietLexa Oud Jaune Intense Fragrance Du Bois vor 11 Monaten
Dabei seit 01.04.2016 - aktiv vor 2 Stunden
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BBMieBBMie vor 39 Tagen
My Dear,
Thank you so much for the great contact, it is really a joy to communicate with you. I am very happy about the contact and wish you much joy with your new "love".
Big hug,
Lenni1985Lenni1985 vor 60 Tagen
Dear Lexa thank u for the perfect deal you are a very kind person love to be in contact with you :)
CosmicflowerCosmicflower vor 82 Tagen
Dear Lexa, thank you very much for another wonderful fragrance deal (Roja Vetiver and Clive Iconic.....). everything was in great condition and well packed. I'm looking forward to next time. you are so Beautiful! a fragrance hug and all the best, Christine (and T .....)
ChanelleChanelle vor 101 Tagen
You are welcome. Feel free to ask me for every other fragrance I have, I will help as good as I can.
AquamonzaAquamonza vor 125 Tagen
Thanks again, Dear, for the fast shipping and the carefully packed fragrant beauty
(and this packaging was truly needed, because apparently the post has switched to mule caravans... ;))
and - last not least - for the always beautiful and heartwarming contact! Simply great. As always. *
FortressFortress vor 173 Tagen
Many thanks for the fast shipping and the nice contact.
Until next time and best regards !
AmourageAmourage vor 182 Tagen
My dear! Thank U so much for the great deal.
I'm in love :)))

Best wishes and hopefully we can deal again soon! :-)
JosefkaJosefka vor 7 Monaten
Hey, the Roja bottle has arrived today! Thanks a bunch for the deal!
RajudaphRajudaph vor 7 Monaten
a precious, tasteful bottle has arrived with me. love it. thank you a thousand times. Many hugs
Mustang69Mustang69 vor 7 Monaten
My dear Lexa, thank you so much for the wonderful bottle and the joyful conversation, it was an absolute pleasure dealing with you :))
Warm regards