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SakanaSakana vor 14 Tagen
Very nice and reliable Buyer and Souk-Partner, was a pleasure to Deal with - thank you so much .... Perfect :)
CharlAmbreCharlAmbre vor 14 Tagen
Thanks for your Photo visit :-)
RobinnRobinn vor 3 Monaten
Thank you for the great swap, the lovely samples and the nice contact! I hope you enjoy your Attar as much as I do! :)
FabistinktFabistinkt vor 4 Monaten
Thank you for our nice interaction and your purchase. Enjoy your fragrance!
UrbanLegendsUrbanLegends vor 4 Monaten
Wonderful deal and great communication – looking forward to the next super-hard-to-find fragrance in your souk!!
Cheers from Vienna!
DonblechDonblech vor 5 Monaten
Yes baby, big hugs to Romania, perfect souk, all the best, see you next time!
Best regards, Don
HappyChypreHappyChypre vor 6 Monaten
A very big Thank You for the exclusive Attar and the extra Sample ! Was a pleasure ´souking´ with you ! Till next time !
Shenkin57Shenkin57 vor 7 Monaten
Thank you very much for the nice and smooth transaction! And of course for the fragrance plus gifts :)
See you next time and all the best,