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ScentFanScentFan vor 4 Jahren
Thanks, Anessa. Yes, that's true! The Cabotine and Gardelia bottles and top do resemble each other in shape somewhat, though Gardelia's bottle is actually handblown Murano glass from Venice and the cap is hand-made in glass paste through lost wax casting. The accompanying brochure has lovely photos of the process. Each bottle is a work of art, even without its gorgeous contents. It's really humbling to own such a beautiful thing. OTOH Cabotine is its own little glory that I'm glad to have in my collection, too. That's the thing about perfume. Masterpieces can be found at all points on the price spectrum.
AnessaAnessa vor 4 Jahren
Reading your fantastic review and rejoicing with your heartfelt bliss - both the photos express the passion of a perfume-lover.

By the way, the bottle on this beautiful photo reminds me a bit about Cabotine, as if Gardelia was a royal, metropolitan, distant relative (from another planet maybe) of the green-headed one... :-)

ScentFan Parfumfotos