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AnessaAnessa vor 4 Jahren
Dear Cincy, I wish a wonderful Christmas and beautifully scented holidays to you and your beloved ones. With best regards from Germany, A.
ZoraZora vor 6 Jahren
Dear Cincy. Thank you so much for your very nice comment. Many greetings from Switzerland.
PlutoPluto vor 6 Jahren
Thanks for the nice words to Tocade! :o)
EndorphinEndorphin vor 6 Jahren
☆Merry Christmas sweety☆

Hugs & Kisses
BlauemausBlauemaus vor 7 Jahren
You're welcome! I wrote about the different colour, maybe another person have the same problem. I've seen on a US-page a Sunflowers with the same light colour. In Europe it's dark yellow. So I think I 've got a US-Sunflowers.

I'm very happy that I got this one. It really smells better like the one you can buy in Germany.

Best wishes, Blauemaus
0815abc0815abc vor 7 Jahren
Thanx and best wishes.
ClarissaClarissa vor 7 Jahren
Dear Cincy,
My dog's name was Bobby and he was a Malteser, unfortunately he passend away 5 years ago at the age of almost 14 years.
But of course he is still in my heart and I think of ihm every day!

Greetings from Germany,
ViolaodorataViolaodorata vor 8 Jahren
Sometimes we can find treasure when we open an old, fergotten cardboard box.
Manchmal finden wir Schätze, wenn wir einen alten, vergessenen Karton öffnen.

Dear Cincy

I have seen Wolff + Sohn "Elata" is confirmed !

I am greatly obliged

Greetings from Switzerland
PlutoPluto vor 8 Jahren
Thanks for your nice words to the Quelques Fleurs photo. And I like your balcony flowers, beautiful.
GlosoliGlosoli vor 8 Jahren
Dear Cincy, thank you for your kind remark on my boucheron-picture. How could it happen that i haven't seen your pictures before??? They are outstanding... So take this as an summarized compliment on all of them ;-)
Greetings from Berlin, Germany