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AleksandraAleksandra vor 7 Monaten
„Papa ist im Keller“ - der Spruchbaus meiner Kindheit... danke ☺️
ZoraZora vor 9 Monaten
tolle Idee, passt perfekt.
IrisNobileIrisNobile vor 9 Monaten
... :0 - the cables must be straight! ;)) ..... funny idea .......
OlkaolkaOlkaolka vor 9 Monaten
...the work starts....perfect!!
PflanzePflanze vor 9 Monaten
I like it a lot! :-) One of my favorite fragrances.
GoldGold vor 9 Monaten
Meet the electrician and his tools... he must be really talented...
Lavendel18Lavendel18 vor 9 Monaten
Funny Idea! I like it :-)
Fresh21Fresh21 vor 9 Monaten
Haha, so nice idea (even though this surely is not the fattest tool compilation;))
Amadea70Amadea70 vor 9 Monaten
I'm waiting for a pic with a real fat electrician :D
BloodxclatBloodxclat vor 9 Monaten
So great!! Perfect match
ToppineToppine vor 9 Monaten
Nice idea, tools and their master. Good work!
Sweetsmell75Sweetsmell75 vor 9 Monaten
perfect idea! ...............
TimmamaTimmama vor 9 Monaten
What a great idea ! Perfect!
FloydFloyd vor 9 Monaten
Fits just perfectly.
PistazieneisPistazieneis vor 9 Monaten
I just love the funny idea behind it. Great pic. :-)
NuiWhakakoreNuiWhakakore vor 9 Monaten
that is so brilliant !
KnopfnaseKnopfnase vor 9 Monaten
Funny implementation.
SchalkerinSchalkerin vor 9 Monaten
Oh, that looks like work

OvidiuH Parfumfotos