Narcissus Orientalis von Annette Neuffer
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Flakon 10.0 Sillage 8.0 Haltbarkeit 10.0 Duft 10.0
I feel like I’ve fallen into a fantastical dream. ...
A White Floral Gourmand - heady and indolic, creamy and narcotic narcissus with a gloriously pongy, and yes, chewy beeswax base - SWOON
If I try hard enough I can pick out most of the wonderfully high quality ingredients, but I’m not so interested in dissecting this one - I just want to lounge around all day, reapplying Narcissus Orientalis every couple of hours for the amazing indoles in the opening and the gorgeous pongy little furry animal beeswax dry down.
I feel like I’ve fallen into a fantastical dream; I’m having tea with giant fuzzy bees and pollen dusted butterflies, we’re feasting on nectar and funky, chewy beeswax fresh from the hive. We’re enjoying our spoils so much and, distracted by our orgiastic gluttony, we don’t realise we’re being enveloped by mounds of sweet narcissi, smothered beneath their fragrant, heavy petals. What a wonderful way to go!