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ZARA 9.0
ZARA 9.0
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PAL ZILERI Cerimonia
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ZARA Incense
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OMERTA Black & Silver...


SmittySmitty vor 20 Monaten
Vielen Dank für Dein tolles Lob zu meinem Truth Foto.
Liebe Grüße
LordSamLordSam vor 2 Jahren
Super Fotos, weiter so! ;)
CosmicLoveCosmicLove vor 3 Jahren
Thx for your visit -of course I did not have the chance to take the picture of Phil and Peter
by myself. But I love it very much .. *-*
Have a nice evening and fine weekend..
ElysiumElysium vor 4 Jahren
I have had a hard week, so yesterday evening I decided to stop by the perfume outlet for distracting my mind and why not, buying a gift for my collection. I entered the shop for getting a bottle of Police Dark, which does not suit these forthcoming hot seasons, though I wanted to have in my wardrobe. Once in there, I started smelling some bargain scents and came across the following two: Kenneth Cole Black and Cartier Vetiver Bleu. Well, the former is aromatic, green like cut grass, ozonic and reminded me a perfume I had already... not identical, however very similar to CK Truth and Jil Sander for Men. Instead, the latter is earthy, dark, elegant, and resemble Lalique Encre Noir, a modern vetiver with a licorice-like background. You know what, I opted for buying the three of them.
Have a nice weekend,
SüchtigSüchtig vor 4 Jahren
Ein herzliches willkommen bei den
Duft ver-rückten. Schönes schnüffeln wünsch ich.