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J'ai fait un rêve obscur / J'ai fait un rêve lui von Majda Bekkali

J'ai fait un rêve obscur / J'ai fait un rêve lui„One pebble, two pebbles...”
A few months ago, and equipped with an aroused forewarning of wild episodes of swooning awaiting us, my friend A. and I set about climbing the four floors of thickly carpeted Harrod’s stairs in order to reach Nirvana, aka Roja Dove’s Haute Parfumerie....


HibernationHibernation vor 7 Jahren
Hello dearest! Thank you a lot!!! for your letter full of beautiful samples :DDD
Have a good day!
DolbyDolby vor 8 Jahren
Yes Lily, kitten is VERY bouncy! lol (a bit too much at times)
Have a lovely time with your son.

What a shame about Lumiere Noir ... Did you do a blind buy??

LilienfeldLilienfeld vor 8 Jahren
Hi my dear:-)
i am fine:D:D on holidays son and me:D:D
How are you?? Your kidden ist grown up an boucy,i hope so?:-)
Nice day an all the best....Lilie..

Ich bought Lumiere noir pour femme,but i think
i can`t bear him:))
LilienfeldLilienfeld vor 8 Jahren
Hey dear Dolby:-)
nice to meed you;-)good night,sleep well....Lilie
LilienfeldLilienfeld vor 8 Jahren
Hi my dear:D:D:D
fine ..i am very happy to see you on the other side:D:D:D
Come over, here are so nice people:D:D:D
All ok with you and your kidden????
Can you take a picture and an give it into the album?? Please:-)
Kindly regards,Lilie
LilienfeldLilienfeld vor 8 Jahren
Hi dear Dolby, smell so good..D:D:D...Lilie
FrauHolleFrauHolle vor 8 Jahren
I once was blind, but now... ;) Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! Yours Lolle
LilienfeldLilienfeld vor 8 Jahren
Dear Dolby,
wish you a nice weekend:-)regads Lilie
LilienfeldLilienfeld vor 8 Jahren
Hey Dolby:)thank you for your nice visit on my pinboard:D
I am a night owl:D:D:D

Do you know Maria i think my next must have:D:D:

sleep well dear Dolby:-) see you soon....
LilienfeldLilienfeld vor 8 Jahren
Hi dear Dolby....wish you a nice day,kindly regards fron vienne,lilie:-)