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Franfan20Franfan20 vor 12 Monaten
Everything is fine now, we just want to bring to mind this thread concerning the ratings of your brand.
EinfachichEinfachich vor 2 Jahren
Thank you for your kind words for the Enchantment photo, I was very happy about it.
ChopIslandChopIsland vor 2 Jahren
I've received a mail over my e-mail povider, that you have posted something on my pin board.
ChopIslandChopIsland vor 2 Jahren
ok, I understand.
I've got mail for this, so it seems so.
ChopIslandChopIsland vor 2 Jahren
Why do you deleted your entry for my clipboard? :-)
LaViolettaLaVioletta vor 2 Jahren
Hi Dear,
Falco is a famous Austrian Artist - check out "Falco-Rock me Amadeus" - was Nr 1 in USA in 1980!
kind regards, Violetta
PistazieneisPistazieneis vor 2 Jahren
Thanks a lot for the lovely remark to my dot-pic :-)
DoctorsdyeryDoctorsdyery vor 2 Jahren
Thank you so much for your kind words, much appreciated.

Have a nice evening.

Julia142Julia142 vor 3 Jahren
Hi and thank you very much for the nice words about my picture of cassiopea and my floor :))
MimaraMimara vor 3 Jahren
Dear Shivsri,
thanks a lot for the appreciation of my pictures!
I am delighted!
Wish you a beautiful day!
Kind regards, M.