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LeonsLeons vor 2 Jahren
Thank you very much ...
EinfachichEinfachich vor 2 Jahren
Thank you for visiting the Cuir Beluga foto. I am glad that you liked the picture.
LeonsLeons vor 2 Jahren
Thank you ..........
ZoraZora vor 2 Jahren
Hi and thank you so much for your very nice comment to my Chanel-Pic. I send you many greetings and have a nice Sunday.
EveMistEveMist vor 2 Jahren
many thanks for your original words to my misty Serge spectacle - i was very pleased :)
EveMistEveMist vor 3 Jahren
Dear Cryptic, big thanks for your comments, you feed my huge ego... ;) Omg, i just see your awesome pics... i'll take a look :)
Best wishes
Can777Can777 vor 3 Jahren
I am very happy if you like my Ikiryo photos so much. I love this brand very much Vincent Dreamhouse is a real artist and very eccentric in the composition of his perfumes. Do you know his scents? He is from San Francisco. Sincerely greet from me and I was very pleased! .... Can
StilloniStilloni vor 5 Jahren
Hello, hello... :o) In this pink house live my neighbors. ;) But.... the house is not pink but dark yellow. I "painted it" ... ;) Best whishes! Loni
StilloniStilloni vor 5 Jahren
Hello dear Cryptic. Please publish your photos! They are amusing and tell great stories! ;)) It would be an enrichment for the community... Send you best wishes! Loni
GingerGinger vor 5 Jahren
Hello Cryptic and thank you!
Best regards :)