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Eight & Bob Belcher
Eight & Bob Belcher
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Nasomatto collection
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Protecting the goods


IriniIrini vor 21 Stunden
Hi, thanks a lot for compliments, I'm happy ...:-)) Have a nice weekend + kind regards **
PureNeugierPureNeugier vor 3 Tagen
Good evening Luciano!
What a funny coincidence, that everyone shares crocus-photos today ;-)
Like your retro-photostyle very much and thanks for your nice comments on my „Quel Amour!“-pictures.
By the way, I like your avatar-photo too! Looks so pretty like a gentleman from the 1920s ;-)
Have a good night!

Sky22Sky22 vor 3 Tagen
Hi Luciano!

Thanks for your comment und on my Dolcelisir pic, I’m glad you liked it.
Wishing you a lovely evening!
PureNeugierPureNeugier vor 5 Tagen
Luciano, my best!
Once again: Many thanks for your kind words on my pictures. It‘s always a great pleasure for me!
And please excuse my bad English, I still need a translator ;-)
Spend a nice evening with your cute german shepherd and have a good time,

SantalwaltiSantalwalti vor 7 Tagen
Lieber Itchynose
ich danke dir ganz herzlich für deine lobenden Worte zum Samsara Flakon im Schneegeäst am Morgen.... ich freu mich sehr, dass dir das Bild gefallen hat und gruesse dich herzlich!
Walti *-*
PureNeugierPureNeugier vor 7 Tagen
Ciao Luciano!
Thank you so much for your nice comments on my „3. Tsarina Intensivo“- and „Bloom Nettare di Fiori“-pictures. I figured it‘s time for some magic forest photos and more green ;-) Spring can come!
Wish you a good start to the new week and all the best,

Sky22Sky22 vor 7 Tagen
Thanks a lot for your nice comment! Yes it is s venetian mask :) Have a lovely weekend!
Sweetsmell75Sweetsmell75 vor 8 Tagen
Thanks so much for your comment to my picture. :)
Kind regards
AmylovesyouAmylovesyou vor 12 Tagen
Hey Itchi
thank you so much for your comment to Bottega Veneta Eau Sensuelle. It‘s a really fine spring leather scent. And to be honest...i need spring right now
Best regards
GandixGandix vor 12 Tagen
Thanks very much again for your lovely comnent. I would like this weather to stay until spring will come. Have a fine day. Greetings Gabi