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Eight & Bob Belcher
Eight & Bob Belcher
Au Coeur du Desert
Au Coeur du Desert
Thera & The Bridge
Thera & The Bridge
Mugler colognes
Mugler colognes


ZoraZora vor 4 Tagen
Hi, thank you very much for your very nice comments to my pics. Many greetings and have a sunny and happy Easter.
IrisNobileIrisNobile vor 4 Tagen
Because the roses are majestic flowers! .. therefore this appearance ;p ...
thx for your kind comment :)) ... have a beautiful and sunny Easter .... greetings - Iris
GoldGold vor 6 Tagen
Thanks for your kind comment on my picture, I really appreciate your judgement. Greetings, J.
PureNeugierPureNeugier vor 6 Tagen
Hey my friend ;-)

Thanks a lot for your kind words on my „Tosca“-pic. That‘s the 31 years old bottle from my grandma, it’s my jewel! ;-)
Have a good night and sweet dreams,

Sky22Sky22 vor 8 Tagen
Hi there!
Thanks a lot for liking & commenting on my Laguna-Pic! Glad you like it :-)
Have a lovely weekend!
Greetings from Hamburg
Schnuppi42Schnuppi42 vor 18 Tagen
dear Itchynose,
thank you very much for visiting my Boadicea photos, I am very happy:)
warm greetings
PureNeugierPureNeugier vor 18 Tagen
Ciao Luciano,

I‘m so happy that you like my little pinky phototrip and thank you a lot for your lovely comments on my „Oriental Essence - Fleurs de L'Himalaya“-pictures ;-)
Have a relaxed and cuddly afternoon with your cute buddy on 4 paws.
Warm greetings,

Sky22Sky22 vor 18 Tagen
Hi and thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my picture, appreciate it! Have a nice day :-)
HibernationHibernation vor 18 Tagen
Thank you for an excellent contact and swap *waves*
See you! :)
GoldGold vor 19 Tagen
Thanks for your nice response to my perfume picture. Greetings from Jale