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Eight & Bob Belcher
Eight & Bob Belcher
Au Coeur du Desert
Au Coeur du Desert
Thera & The Bridge
Thera & The Bridge
Mugler colognes
Mugler colognes


PureNeugierPureNeugier vor 8 Tagen
Thanks again, this time for your kind words to my „Jardin de Vie - Rose“-pic.
Have a sunny week my friend.

GandixGandix vor 15 Tagen
Hi Itchy,
thank you so much for all your comments to my pictures through the last months. I am very happy about that. I will not be on the computer very much in the next time, only smart-phone, because a little dog will be member of my familiy soon. So, I will also say thanks for my pics coming. Have a fine time. Greetings Gabi
PureNeugierPureNeugier vor 17 Tagen
thank you so much for your kind words on my "So Elixir Purple"-photo. I'm on a little purple-trip the last days ;-)
Looking forward to your new pics and wish you a sunny Pentecost weekend.
Greetings from Hamburg,

PureNeugierPureNeugier vor 19 Tagen
And again: Many thanks for your comment on my „Remix Cologne Edition 2019“-photo. It was a very relaxed day ;-)
Have a nice evening, best regards,

PureNeugierPureNeugier vor 21 Tagen
Ciao Luciano!
Thank you for visiting my purple „Sogno d’Amore“-picture. I‘m glad you like it :-)
Did you hear about Fresh21's just for fun photo contest? You can read about it in his blog. I would be very happy, if you would participate too ;-)
Wish you a good Night and a lot of sweet dreams,

MkCbMkCb vor 21 Tagen
Greetings buddy!
Thank you again for everythingl! Looking forward to the next deals with you. :)
All the best!
PureNeugierPureNeugier vor 22 Tagen
Hey my friend,

I‘m a little late ;-) Tank you so much again for all your photocomments to my last pictures. You know, I love your imaginatively comments!
Have a nice week,

LaViolettaLaVioletta vor 25 Tagen
Hi Itchy, thanks a lot for visiting My pics, I appreaciate that a lot!! CU soon Violetta
ZoraZora vor 28 Tagen
Dear Itchynose. Thank you so much for your nice comment to my pic. I send you many greetings and wish you a nice week.
LoislotteLoislotte vor 40 Tagen
perfect guy for a perfect swap! :)
Thank you so much!