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SorceressSorceress vor 8 Jahren
Butterfly / Hanae Mori (1995) (Eau de Toilette) - Hanae Mori / ハナヱ モリ

Butterfly / Hanae Mori (1995) (Eau de Toilette) Strawberry Milkshake and Salted Almonds
Sitting in misty, foggy woods, drinking a strawberry milkshake and eating salted almonds. That pretty much sums up Hanae Mori for me. Oh, don’t forget the black eyeliner. That’s a definite wear. And listening to drum circle...

SorceressSorceress vor 8 Jahren
Country Chic (Eau de Toilette) - Bath & Body Works

Country Chic (Eau de Toilette) Eine Gute Ubergangliche Holzduft fur den Fruhling
Country Chic's anfänglicher Ausbruch ist von Zitrusschale und Seifigkeit. Eine saubere Seifigkeit, die belebend ist. Es ist nicht eine altmodische seifige Anmutung, es ist in einer holzigen Anmutung eingewickelt,...

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SorceressSorceress vor 8 Jahren
Patchouli and Hippies
I love reading reviews here. And I always save the reviews at Parfumo for last when I'm using them for my research in a purchase. Why? Because the reviews here are the most poignant and honest reviews that delve into a perfume. When I'm researching perfumes to buy, I first read the notes (obviously), then I'll read reviews about the perfume. I'll be honest. I go to different... Mehr


FlorblancaFlorblanca vor 8 Jahren
Thank you dear, have a great weekend too. ;-))
FlorblancaFlorblanca vor 8 Jahren
Thank you so much for your kind feedback.
Have a great day ;-))
IngerInger vor 8 Jahren
I like your photos.
Have a nice day!
MichaelMichael vor 9 Jahren
Hello, wellcome! :-)