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A study in black
A study in black
Mmmmmm.... ELDOOOOOOO.....
Mmmmmm.... ELDOOOOOOO.....
an ode to leather.
an ode to leather.


ChopIslandChopIsland vor 6 Tagen
Yeah, it's really a shame how the common sense was submitted by personal priorities from political dorks.
Without a doubt Boris Johnson is one of the leaders in this case.
ChopIslandChopIsland vor 6 Tagen you got me ;-)
ChopIslandChopIsland vor 7 Tagen
Hey Fumejunkie,

thanks for praising my pictures. I like your picures as well.
And no, I do not have soooo much with water :-)

Much love to Britain's peeps rough & real mentality.
Sorry for confused government.
In the end it's everywhere the same.
Edda32Edda32 vor 7 Tagen
Thank you Sir! Stunningness of serene summer evenings. Love.
GandixGandix vor 16 Tagen
thanks so much for your comments to ma pictures. I am very happy about that. Have a fine week. Greetings Gabi
Rosie88Rosie88 vor 48 Tagen
Hi you,
Thanks for your lovely comment to my foto of L‘Attesa :) KR
LaViolettaLaVioletta vor 50 Tagen
Thanks My dear, it was indeed thrilling, and probably My fastest shooting...;-))
Kind regards from Vienna, Violetta
GandixGandix vor 56 Tagen
Thank you so much for you compliment to my Lubin-picture. It made me so happy. Have a fine evening. Greetings Gabi
Sweetsmell75Sweetsmell75 vor 100 Tagen
Thank you so much for your comment to my Velvet Haze picture. *happy*
TahneeTahnee vor 136 Tagen
Thank you so much for your great compliment to my ‚Shalimar Parfum Initial‘ - picture !
Have a nice week, Andrea