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A study in black
A study in black
Mmmmmm.... ELDOOOOOOO.....
Mmmmmm.... ELDOOOOOOO.....
an ode to leather.
an ode to leather.


Morpheus1Morpheus1 vor 25 Tagen
Thanks for visiting my pictures and for your compliment. Greetings Morpheus1
ZoraZora vor 62 Tagen
Hi and thank you so much for your very nice comment to my pic. Send you many greetings and wish you a nice weekend.
ChopIslandChopIsland vor 63 Tagen
Got to thank you for your comments, Mr. Fume!!

Stay healthy.
PureNeugierPureNeugier vor 78 Tagen
Thank you for your nice comment on my „Tosca“-pic. Means a lot to me!
Have a relaxed week.
All the best,

IrisNobileIrisNobile vor 81 Tagen
Thank you so much! dear Mr.F. ... :)))
ChopIslandChopIsland vor 81 Tagen
Hey Fume,

thank you :-)
ChopIslandChopIsland vor 84 Tagen
Hope you're not angry :-)
ChopIslandChopIsland vor 84 Tagen
Thanks british dude!
ChopIslandChopIsland vor 90 Tagen
Yeah, it's really a shame how the common sense was submitted by personal priorities from political dorks.
Without a doubt Boris Johnson is one of the leaders in this case.
ChopIslandChopIsland vor 90 Tagen you got me ;-)