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GraybeardGraybeard vor 125 Tagen
sehr edel wirkt das.Perlen passen perfekt zu diesem Flakon
StilloniStilloni vor 167 Tagen
Wonderful pictures....
IriniIrini vor 174 Tagen
Sehr romantisch ........:-))
AolaniAolani vor 175 Tagen
I love books and the scent of books, espacially when they are new....
for some people your pic may seem simple - for me it is a whole world...
IoanaPIoanaP vor 175 Tagen
Thank you everyone!
Fresh21, music too, ofbloodycourse!:)
Gold, yes, Romanian! Thank you!:)
This was the perfume that started the madness for me long time ago.
GoldGold vor 175 Tagen
Romanian book? Lovely language. Beautiful presentation and idea.
Helena1411Helena1411 vor 176 Tagen
Books and perfumes- both are a passion of myself. Of course I love your pic!
SmittySmitty vor 176 Tagen
I love this pic and this perfume :)
Lavendel18Lavendel18 vor 176 Tagen
Beautiful presentation, nice atmosphere!
EntenradioEntenradio vor 176 Tagen
Fresh21Fresh21 vor 176 Tagen
Reading and smelling ... a nice combination (plus listening music hopefully, too:)
GandixGandix vor 176 Tagen
Soft and gentle. I like it.
SantalwaltiSantalwalti vor 176 Tagen
The book looks inviting ... the necklace and the simply beautiful perfume bottle are also very chick
FloydFloyd vor 176 Tagen
Beautiful idea!.....

IoanaP Parfumfotos