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Well, the notes are correct, and that is what you will get. Starts very bright, mellows accordingly , lovely, but to me, not very important.
I find it very hard to relate with Kankuro on this one. Rotten banana really worried me: none here! Beautiful, dry, benzoin in the base.
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JosefinaJosefina vor 2 Tagen
Dearest Liisa,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a beautiful exchange of perfumes and especially for selfless extra gifts! I will be happy to continue trading with you.
Have a fragrant summer!
LadyLuxiferLadyLuxifer vor 10 Tagen
Dear Liisa,
it was such a great pleasure to get to know you. Thank you so much for the lovely contact and fast deal. Hopefully, you will enjoy your new treasures.
Until next time, I'm wishing you wonderful and restful weekend.
Lovely greetings.
VieavecjulieVieavecjulie vor 10 Tagen
You wonderful soul,
thank you for the always out of the world sweet and lovely contact aswell as the easy communication and always exciting deals. I'm very happy once again about the little scent world you sent to me.
Much love,
Schnuppi42Schnuppi42 vor 17 Tagen
dear Liisa,
it is always a great pleasure to have contact with you
thank you for the wonderful swap, the many extra-samples and your kind words:)
until next time
VenusiaVenusia vor 23 Tagen
Dear Liisa
Thank you so much for the wonderful swap and samples!!
Best wishes, Venera
JosefinaJosefina vor 31 Tagen
Thank you, dear Liisa, for your reliable and fast sending of the perfume, your generosity and nice gifts in the form of samples and dainty:) And also for very nice communication:)
Best regards
CosmicflowerCosmicflower vor 33 Tagen
beloved Liisa,
I am always very happy to send you something in the far north. And I love the friendly contact with you. dear hug and best wishes, Christine
UngenauUngenau vor 34 Tagen
Dearest Liisa,
I already got your package today:)) Another wonderful swap with you, thank you so much!
I love the new one and really hope, you will love your one also! It’s such a pleasure to deal with you:))
You’re the best, I agree, Esmat;))
Hugs and an the very best wishes, Elke
FedaieFedaie vor 36 Tagen
Dear Liisa, i got your package with the beautiful Scents. Thank you very much. I'm very happy with our deal like every time before. You are the best.
Best regards! Esmat
Alex69Alex69 vor 39 Tagen
Hi Liisa, thanks so much for the very nice contact and the fantastic smell package! :-)